Focusing on my health

Hi there,I've currently stopped working on any IT related project. My health began deteriorating in 2019 due to doctor malpraxis, after just the 2nd levofloxacin pill my life went straight to a viscious cycle down to hell. I've been struggling with a plethora of health related issues for almost 2 years.
Due to the covid pandemic, i wasn't able to get the needed medical assistance and care which resulted in an even worse complications. I wonder how many people died or had their lives ruined because of the system's inability to treat them properly during the pandemic?
I was a strong supporter of mainstream medicine, defending it against a variety of conspiracy theories. Now, my view has shifted that it's all about the money and doctors are witholding important information from the latest research. Leading to people suffering and dying needlessly.
It seems you can't escape paying taxes, especially for healthcare, which, paradoxically in most European countries such as Romania is "guaranteed" by law. Yet in reality, things work differently, there are no benefits, you're just sent from state to private and back to state, have to double pay and get no medical care. Doctors don't give a sh*t because they get their money anyway. They've had one of the highest salary raises in the country when working for the state, yet all doctors have double standards working for both private and state sending you back and forth between locations. The taxes paid for health are just making some smart guys rich while doctors only treat chronic preventable ilnesses such as type 2 diabetes. If you have anything else and you're young.. you're screwed. F*ck the system, right?
There's actually a lot to cover and I've got at least 3 different long articles in the queue for the past 5 years about the state of affairs. It seems that young people are getting screwed all over the world by the whole system which is collapsing on itself.
I still believe in science and the pursuit of truth , however I'm profoundly disappointed, disheartened and feel lost in a world where we pay so many taxes including healthcare ones, and when you need something, you're simply ignored and bumped from provider to provider. This is why so many snake oil salesmen can fool people with "miracle cures" and fake medicine.

Even though with all of my health problems, I've pushed myself to work part time since april 2020 yet I got even more burned out, exhausted and disheartened at the current state of affairs. So since may 2021 I quit my job and put all my projects on hold to focus on my health.

This means that all my Life Efficiency courses, open source projects and any services are now on hold for an indefinite amount of time.

Take care of your body, you only have one.

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