About Me

Hi there! My name is Andrei Clinciu.

I’m a full time  Linux user, Full Stack web Developer, Software Programmer  and Cyber Security enthousiast.

I work on unique projects combining all aspects of life and enjoy experimenting and learning new aspects each day..

I had access to my first pc when i was 5 years old, a good old x286. Access was certainly limited since my two older brothers and parents where competing for PC time.

I've started building websites at the age of 13. This meant setting up a CMS, forum or other open source software on free webhosting. I've since then progressed to setting up my own VPS cloud environments.

I started to learn programming when I was 14 years by creating IRC robots. Linux entered my life at the time but having WIFI internet access and not enough knowledge about compiling made it difficult to use it full time without internet access. It's at this point in time that I discovered that I'm an autodidact. I switched full time to using Linux in 2009 and have been using it for everything on a daily basis. Most customers have no clue since most apps can be cross compiled or they end up seeing the frontend which is usually from a browser.

Throughout high school and college I made multiple interesting projects gaining experience in the IT field.

I’ve also created my own Web based MVC framework based on the NaviServer webserver which is now discontinued.
I have learned a lot by developing it and I’m sure not going to reinvent the wheel anytime soon. Unless a client requests me to reinvent the wheel by having an unique idea.

In 2016-2017 I started the Computer and Cyber Crime Professional college program. As an early adopter of this college course I've had to endure many pitfalls of a system that needs to be worked on before it's released to a larger audience.

In 2016 I had discovered Blender 3D and became extremely passionate about using it.  Due to the combination of family and college Life I had to give it up untill 2018 when I started using it again more as a hobby. I've played around and I'm currently in the middle of working on some client-server games using Blender with Python on the client side and Elixir with Erlang/OTP on the sever side.

By discovering Elixir and Erlang (november 2017) i had a turning point in How I started working on software and hardware projects. Prior to discovering Elixir I felt that there was something wrong with many programming languages and environments. I had a deep urge to find a programming language and a system like the Erlang/OTP one that allows you to build everything under the same ecosystem without having to rely on tens of other software layers adding abstraction and complicating everything. I've soon learned that the power provided by Elixir through the use of Erlang/OTP under the hood is unsurpassed. Not even the big enterprises in the world can come close.

As a DevOps this is a big plus since Elixir is built for concurrency and high availability.


You can achieve anything if you try it and work hard enough

From the moment I graduated college in 2012 I discovered that I needed to polish up my soft skills.

I’ve always been fascinated about the human mind. Psychology and self development soon became something that helped me understand myself and every day situations.

I enjoy traveling and ecotourism.  I love music and I sometimes play the guitar.

Because life is full of myths I always thought that I had no talent in certain fields. Like drawing or painting.

In 2015 I’ve discovered that talent is something you can build up and I soon found out that I can draw.

After this moment I had an epiphany that I can learn and do anything I can put my mind to. Soon I felt empowered to try new things and my performance in the IT field increased drastically.


About the Blog

This blog has been started during my last year in college in 2012. I've had many websites up untill that point but I never had the interest to keep them more than a few years. The longest I've kept a domain is 11 years (http://lba.im).  This is partly because I've experimented with different ideas  and software. I've built certain communities for IRC channels and even created some online games.

I was extremely busy discovering and experimenting with new things so I never took the time to write about all the experiments I've done. In retrospet I can now say that It would have helped me better my communication skills in all these years. What you can read on my blog up untill 2017 is only a extremely small portion of ideas and projects I've played with.

Since 2017 I've decided to write more and I took a resolution in 2018 to post at least once a week. Something about my passions, work, projects and hobbies or even about the world we live in.

Perfectionist and Work In Progress

I'm mostly a perfectionist and if it wouldn't have been for my resolution I would probably have posted something once 1-2 months since I'd have to polish all details in and out. However I've decided to write my thoughts on various subjects anyway. I force myself out of the perfectionist state by posting partially unfinished articles.  WARNING Most articles can seem rough around the edges and may contain mistakes. If you see mistakes contact me so I adjust them. I try my best to review and modify all posts. However I've got so many ideas that I still want to post that it might take a longer time before I revise everything and make it crystal clear.

New cool features will be added including live chatrooms, live comment updates with websocket support.


This blog is ultimately a door to my way of thinking and a view on the world.

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