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I hope all is well with you during these very strange times. I haven't kept you posted with recent changes for quite some time. This happened for a good reason.
Due to certain health issues that hit me quite hard for the past 8 months starting with December 2019. (No, it wasn't COVID19) the majority of my projects have been delayed for an indefinite amount of time. I will detail my health journey and why you should take care of your health, every day in another post.

Adequate planning is essential for success. Knowing when to adjust plans and change course is fundamental to any project. Therefore, I've adjusted my plans for what will further happen for the remainder of 2020.

The One Project for 2020 - Life Efficiency

The main project which I want to continue working on in 2020 is the Life Efficiency Courses. The unfortunate events of 2020 lead to the delay of the Life Efficiency Courses as well. A lite pre-release was planned for May 2020. Yet, I decided to go on a different approach.

 The course release will occur n phases, each module being released 40 days after each other until the course is completed in July 2021. Of course, the course will always be a work in progress, new details being added and a continuous refinement will occur each year.

Initial Planning for 2020

Amazing awesome stuff was planned for 2020 such as the release of:

  1. Further work to publicly release Burebista - The Site (CMS/Blog) system you're using right now to view this post on my website.
  2. Chat CUIX ( – A system to integrate a chat on your website with some cool features.
  3. A platform to create your own bots in an interactive way with almost no code. Meaning you could plug and play a javascript app on your website and voila, have a bot ready! Integrated via Chat CUIX.
  4. Telegram Bots for automation (Business Efficiency) including
    1. Youtube to mp3 downloader bot (for demonstration purposes, as the Google/Youtube terms disallow automation..)
    2. Email processer, sending you emails from aliases directly to telegram
    3. Plus some other neat automation bots for companies
  5. A personal blockchain system to keep track of various information, as a library to be plug and play into any project.
  6. Goldbag - Financial Tracker

    Meant to be used as an expense tracker. I've developed it first in 2014 using my now obsolete CodruMVC framework. I began reimplementing it in 2019 using Elixir/Phoenix.
    It's still in the beta phase so things might not work as expected. I'm using it to keep track of expenses.

    It's pretty simple, You input your expenses, tag your expenses with tags and you can review expenses per month, tag and compare them with previous years. Etc.


What else was I up to in the 8 past months?

  1.  In January I’ve also re experimented with BabylonJS a 3D library for the browser.
  2. A wildly interesting Kubernetes journey in which I ran a Kubernetes cluster on a few raspberry pi's. Simulating my desired environment
  3. I also have another blog post planned about the weird rollercoaster events which occurred in the past half-year with my health. On retrospective, it seems like a soap with cliffhangers so you never know what’s next!
  4. I also had a surgery amidst everything. So yeah, life gives you the unexpected. Plan accordingly, adjust your plans and live with intention.

If you're interested in any of the above or have any questions, please send me an e-mail.

Take care!

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