This page contains some of the projects I've created in the past. Some of my Open Source projects which aren't listed here can be found on GitHub.


A Text Based Mafia game bot for IRC.

Players could register and fight a gainst themselves in a virtual city. Dominance was measured by who "owned" the most buildings.

Technologies used: Tcl, Sqlite

Download it from https://github.com/Enotsoul/lostbot-irc

Exclusive Article Generator

Black Hat SEO Article Generator - Proof of Concept - Prototype

WARNING: Don't use this to increase your SEO or YOU will get banned from Google! This was a proof of concept to show off how easy it was to create "unique" content and get SEO for certain keywords.

A program which searches for articles on google containing prespecified keywords.
It downloads the top 10 pages for each keyword saving the data in a SQLite database. It used proxies and various user agents to simulate real user. Then it could generate a new article based on various combiations from that data.

How was the text unique? It would replace various characters with alternative unicode encodings.

Technologies used: Tcl, Sqlite

You can review a part of the sourcecode at GitHub

Smurfs Flash Game

A Smurfs Game designed Illustrator and run in Flash.

You could explore a virtual world and do certain actions. Basic interractions and animations used tweens

Technologies used: ActionScript 3.0, Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop

Unfortunately I lost the sourcecode in 2011 :(. Luckily I still have the original computer drawings I had made.
You can get the original illustrator and JPG files from https://github.com/Enotsoul/smurfs-images

    Yahoo Messenger Bot

    A Text Based Mafia game bot for IRC.

    A Java Yahoo Messenger Bot made with SQLIte and MYSQL. You could ask it for different things. You could authenticate and do various tasks:

    • It could spy on someone for you.
    • It supported basic Trivia.
    • Searching google and retrieving an answer (deprecated since the API no longer works)
    • Support for ASCII art was builtin
    • It could send messages on behalf of you to other users
    • Invited people to a channels
    • + other various funny functions

    Sourcecode at https://github.com/Enotsoul/lostbot-yahoo-messenger-bot

    Elixir Phoenix Blog

    Blog Software Entirely written in Phoenix + Elixir

    I've worked with a variety of different blog systems Bolt, Anchorcms, Wolfcms, Wordpress, Ancor CMS. Learning the inner workings of each one proved to be time consuming. I had even created a CMS/BLogging system in my own web framework.

    So I set out to create my own system to fit my own unique needs. At the same time experimenting with Elixir, Phoenix and the Erlang Ecosystem for a real world project.
    Technologies used: Elixir, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3, Phoenix, NGINX + various other libraries

    Sourcecode avaibale upon request.

    Wiimote Game for Windows

    Point and Shoot Game

    Another cool programming project made by pairing the Wiimote to a PC via Bluetooth Random "UFO's" would fly by and you could shoot them to get a highscore. It used the internal accelerometer to move the "cursor". Buttons for reloading & shooting.

    Technologies used: .NET, Wiimote, + other libraries

    Sourcecode avaibale at https://github.com/Enotsoul/wiimote-extraterestrial-killer-game

    Space Destiny JavaScript Game

    Space Shooter Scroller Game

    Shoot Alien spaceships. Beat your previous highscore. Advance through space and get various levelups. The game is 100% Playable although It needs some extra difficulty and levelups.
    Play the game Online!

    Technologies used: Phaser, JavaScript

    Sourcecode avaibale at GitHub

    Restaurant Management Software

    Client/Server Android Software Management for Restaurants

    Stock handling, Users can register, order from their phones/tablets. Waiters can approve an order which would then be sent to the cook for further processing.

    Want something similar for your Restaurant? Contact me

    Technologies used in new version: Elixir, Phoenix, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PWA (Progressive web Apps)

    Technologies used in old version: Tcl, Androwish, + various other libraries

    Old Sourcecode available on https://github.com/Enotsoul/restaurant-client-server-app

    My own web framework

    Codru Web Framework developed by Andrei Clinciu

    Few people can boast to have created their own web frameworks. Well, I did it!

    Afer college I was seeking to develop a web framework that was easy to use. Could have high concurrency and would simplify web development.

    Between 2013 and 2016 I had worked on Codru - LostMVC. I released quite a few websites and applications built with it.
    Find out what the Codru - LostMVC framework could do!

    Since December 2017 I started switching all my projects to Elixir and the Phoenix Web Framework. The reason? Elixir is a programming language that will change the world.

    Technologies used: Tcl, NaviServer, NX, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript + various other Tcl and JavaScript libraries

    Get Sourcecode!

    Efficient Web Server under Linux

    Efficient Web Server Settings under Linux

    I have always been interested in optimizing and making software run efficient.

    For my Bachelors degree I focused on creating a PHP website and optimizing Apache, MYSQL and Linux for it to run blazing fast. The idea is that if an application is efficient then it will require less energy and thus less power.

    I analyzed how Facebook used their own servers. Their own PHP to C++ compilator.
    I created a small application to register CPU, Memory, IO and other statistics and then to create graphs.

    My Optimization and Software Efficiency skills have progressed a long way since then. I now offer a 12 week Business Efficiency Service to help small businesses and entepreneurs automate their lives.

    My bachelor thesis is available in PDF format Get the LaTeX sourcecode of my Bachelor's Thesis!

    Forensic Analysis ~ Data Hiding ~ Data Recovery

    Forensic Analysis ~ Data Hiding ~ Data Recovery

    Hiding (steganography) and recovering data.

    Hard drives. The place where we store our data. How would it be if you could hide certain data by using steganography? What if you lost your data? Can yo urecover it?

    Part of a project back in 2017 I devised some extremely simple ways to hide data into images, documents and audio files. I've also hidden some data on a harddisk partition.

    I can help you secure your data with my 7 week Cyber Security Service.

    Solving the Vikings Stole my Flag with Radare2 - Forensic Analysis Challenge Forensic Analysis Challenge on Github

    Elixir Nerves TM 1638

    Embedded & Electronics made easy with Elixir and Nerves

    Raspberry PI & Arduino have opened the world of IoT. I've experimented and created a few projects with both.

    By using Elixir + Nerves the whole development process becomes awesome.

    Technologies: Elixir, Nerves, Raspbian

    Sourcecode available on https://github.com/Enotsoul/elixir-neves-TM1638

    Plagiarism Detection and Obfuscation

    Software to detect academic plagiarism and to obfuscate the algorithm to make detection harder.

    The project started out as a simple obfuscation of documents to make plagiarism detection difficult. The algorithm evolved to a automated system which could successfully and automatically pass plagiarism detection easily. By using quircks in software rendering of PDF, DOCX, ODT etc.

    As the results of the research and experimentation a new type of plagiarism detection software was born. This plagiarism detection would solve the issues of requiring a large datacenter.

    Benefits & How it works

    • The text would be extracted from the document and gzipped to a central server.
    • Then all searching and detection would occur on the client's PC through searching the internet and that database.
    • Generation of HTML/PDF report.
    • Reobfuscation of document possible
    • Technologies used: Tcl, PHP, .NET (C# )

      Software Demonstration on Request

    Blender 3D Text and Logo Animated Introductions for Video & Presentations

    3D Animated Video Introductions

    The more interesting your video introduction is the more it can catch the attention of your customers.

    Using a fictive company "CyberPro Software" I've created a variety of video introductions.

    Experimenting and simulating real world "physics" like water, ice and assembled moving parts.

    Technologies used: Blender 3D + Python

    Download the examples .ZIP Want something similar? Contact me!

    Burebista CMS System

    Fully Working CMS/Blog System Entirely written in Phoenix + Elixir

    Burebista Content Management System

    • Page and Blog pages Content Management System
    • Elixir EEx + HTML template
    • WISWYG HTML Editor
    • Internal URL Shortener
    • File Uploader
    • Built in Autentication and Authorization (Register, Login, Reset password)
    • AES Database Sensitive Column Encryption
    • System Settings Caching

    Technologies used: Elixir, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3, Phoenix, NGINX + various other libraries

    Sourcecode avaibale on it's own Fossil Repo https://lba.im/fossilr3po/burebista/index

    Accountancy Automation & Certificate Generation

    An integration of 3 different programs which help small companies automate their accountancy.

    A connection between a company's internal CRM invoicing system, external bookkeeping software and the national fiscal's internal formats. Extensible to work for multiple companies and easy settings. Just edit a .txt file. The program goes through a SQL database (through a simple API) and extracting the necessary information.

    Generating and parsing specific .XML files compatible with the D112, D205 romanian fiscal programs. Compatible with various bookkeeping software. Easy generation of various certificates for employees with just one click. Since it parses the data a CRM

    Technologies used: Tcl (software itself) , LaTeX (PDF Generation), PHP(Web API), Java(Fiscal Verification & CLI tooling)

    Software demonstration on request