Group of people Planning over a calendar, laptop with graphics visible Business Efficiency

Business Efficiency

Imagine living your dream life.

Working 6 hours a day and enjoying 2 months of vacation per year.
All your boring and tedious tasks would be automated. Leaving you with a clear mind to focus on what's important.
What would you do with your free time?
This reality can be yours thanks to modern technology and Business Efficiency Automation.

Hiring the perfect Employee - Artificial Intelligence

Light Bulb describing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Creating a personalized ideal employee.
  • How would you like to have an employee available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?
  • Recruite once, work forever. Always there.
  • Always happy to work for you.
  • That same employee having ALL the knowledge and tools which will make YOU competitive.
Handcrafted technology and Business Efficiency

Handcrafted technology which will help your business become more efficient.

12 Week Business Efficiency Program

My 12 week Business Efficiency Program is specially designed for the enterprising and daring business people of the future.

Dedicated experience and knowledge to understand your business needs. By crafting a personalized business efficiency AI.

Start being efficient now! Begin your new lifestyle today!

Your Business on Autopilot

Linux is running the World. Why not let it run your business?

  • 96.5% of the top 1 million websites use Linux.
  • 100% of top 500 fastest supercomputers in the world all use Linux.
  • Smartphones, smartwatches, refrigirators, all those tiny "smart" devices around your home are powered by a specific Linux version.
  • In fact, the smartest businesses use it to automate and be efficient.
Linux is known for it's simplicity and power
I will teach you how to use Linux to propel your business into the future.

Imagine how you'd feel when you saw your business run on autopilot.

You'll enjoy the amazement you hear in other people desiring to be as efficient as you will become. This is what technology is meant to do. This is what Business Efficiency will do for you.

Time is Everything

Business Efficiency wins you your time back by using simple and effective automation.

Saving 1 hour per day means you will feel relaxed knowing that there's someone taking care of your automation.

The Ideal Customer - Which kind of customers do I work with?

I choose my customers based on certain ideals and expectations.

I only work together with customers who fulfill the following conditions and requirements:
  • Committed to the continuous improvement process;
  • Aspire to bigger goals;
  • Fully dedicated to serving others through excellence and integrity;
  • Open minded to experiment, courageous to try out new and exciting things;
  • Implicated along the way in each step;
  • Willing to use our time effectively throughout our whole collaboration;

If you consider yourself to meet up to my standards then let's start working together. We decide together what the best plan is and we try to fit it into the project budget. Here are the possibilities that await.

This is NOT for the following types of people

  • Entrepreneurs who want a "quick fix" solution for problems which require analysis and planning;
  • Managers who are not willing to listen to their employees and customers;
  • No interest in working together towards a solution;
  • Ignoring best practices and not providing adequate data;
  • Anyone who doesn't understand that Business Efficiency is an ongoing process in which you become better each day;

How does Business Efficiency work?

1. Analysis of current business processes

I do a full analysis of the current systems - hardware and software - you use. I analyze each process you and your teams work on. For solo entrepreneurs I analyze everything you do on a day to day basis.

I identify which tasks eat up your precious time. These will be streamlined and automated.

2. Software Research

You can relax while I research which existing software on the market will fit your precise needs. This ranges from open source software to closed source options. In case we have a match I will handle the installation, setup AND basic troubleshooting and training.

Most aspects are unique for your own business and they require a personalized software development.

3. Personalized Software development

After the analysis is complete I start to develop personalized software for you. This software is meant to help you automatize. I'll add a little bit of artificial intelligence along the way.

The development process is done in iterations by following the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) procedure. You get a minimum viable product which I work upon adding new features each 1-3 weeks until we get the desired target. This means you'll have personalized software for your specific needs.

Endless possibilities

Here are some of the possibilities which Business Efficiency provides. Each project is unique and will likely contain a specific personalized offering.

Responsive Website + Blog

Development of your personalized website and blog. All companies need a professional looking website. I'll make it responsive, tablet, mobile, desktop.

Frontpage Optimization

This step includes an extra feature, FrontPage optimization in which we create two distinct yet compelling frontpage versions for your website.

Doing A/B testing to see which version retains more customers.

Professional Mail Setup + Redundancy Business Efficiency

Professional Mail Setup + Redundancy

You need a professional e-mail service. I've got you covered.
Setting up your mail for redundancy in case something ever goes wrong with your hosting.

VPS Setup

Certain software may need to be run at all times to handle automated tasks. This is best done on a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

A VPS may also increase security & privacy. A great optimization for your website.

I handle the installation and setup of your VPS and all necessary software on it.

Online E-Commerce Shop

Setting up an online ecommerce shop where you can showcase your products and services in a very interesting way so that the customer can "order" directly.

Making it easier for you to automate everything. You'll have access to tons of statistics

Automation Procedures

You'll receive weekly report e-mails.

You will be learning basic things like how to sync and create your own private cloud which is protected. I'll be teaching you how you can sync files between all your devices easily without a central server. You can also chose to have your own cloud on a VPS. Secure and Private.

Benefits you'll gain from Business Efficiency


  • Save at least 1 hour per day per employee
  • Learn the process of automation
  • Feel relaxed knowing that there's someone taking care of your automation

Business Efficiency Extra's

  • 1 year subscription to a private board where you get an additional to a private board where you will get all the newsletters, books, trainings and whitepapers I release.
  • Access to a Digital Mastermind where you can talk to other people about growing and automating your business.
  • You get an additional of 6 hours of consulting which is valid for 12 months. We talk for 30 minuts each month to see where you are at, which blockers you have and where you can go.
  • 5 hours of technical support to be used in the first 3 months after we're done.
  • A communication link that will help you in the long run.
  • I can recommend Open Source Application which might fit your needs.

Business efficiency is where I help you automate, install software, manage it and customize software for your needs

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* Linux Market Share statistics