Check all checkboxes on a website that only allows you do to it manually

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So I had this issue the other day.. In 2009 some websites still have manual checkboxes.. Yeeks

You want to select all checkboxes on a website and it only allows you to do it manually?:D

Install firefox if you don't already have it. Install firebug.

NOTE FROM 2016:  You can use almost any browser these days since they all seem to have copied the "inspect element" thing from Firebug.

Open firebug..
type the following in the console:

function check_all_in_document(doc)
	var c = new Array();
	c = doc.getElementsByTagName('input');
	for (var i = 0; i < c.length; i++)
		if (c[i].type == 'checkbox')
			c[i].checked = true;
function checkem()
	for (var j = 0; j < window.frames.length; j++)

click run:)
have fun!

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