Convert-ing ebook epub to PDF ( or any other format)

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Sometimes you might want to convert ebooks from one format to the other.

Either because your ebook works better with a format or you want to print them to a certain size with margins.. etc.  For example Nook has epub support for searching words in dictionary, while PDF doesn't work well.. sometimes I might convert a book to get the extra features.

You can install Calibre which supports a variety of formats and options:

  • DejaVu .djvu
  • Comic Book Archives .cbr, .cbz, .cb7, .cbt, .cba
  • Mobi .mobi
  • Amazon Kindle .azw
  • And others including Epub, pdf.. etc
sudo apt-get install calibre


For example to have an even margin and make it pretty with a A4 size, use the following command. You can wrap a for loop around it and make it convert all your ebooks!

ebook-convert YourBook.epub "YourOutputBook.pdf" --pdf-page-numbers --paper-size a4 --pretty-print --margin-left 72 --margin-right 72 --margin-top 72 --margin-bottom 72


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