Cyber Security & GDPR

This is a down to earth approach to CyberSecurity analysis of your company.

Together, we'll take a look at how you do day to day things. This will help us discover potential issues and have a solution before a breach occurs.

Simple & Effective Cyber Security

Cyber Security Audit occuring on Tablet, Mobile and Laptop  by Cyber Security Experts

Website & Software Audit

Is your Website and Software safe to use for your customers?

GDPR leads to better security

GDPR has been created to ensure that the end consumer's privacy and data is protected. Most small businesses in the world feel that this is way too much for them to handle It is not meant in any way to encumber you as a small business. Actually, it's a good thing that GDPR exists.
Protecting your customer's data means setting up the security measures and countermeasures to protect your own company from mallicious attacks.

Analysis, Implementation & Protection

  • WHO has access to which data? Are there proper protocols & Access Control Lists set up?
  • Password Hashing - Are you safe?
  • Personal Data Encryption/Anonymization in Database for Local Protection
  • Setting up HTTPS by using SSL/TLS Cryptographic certificates
  • At Rest Personal Data Cryptography on Server/Desktop/Mobile

Cyber Security Trainings (online)

After I've reviewed your Cyber Security, helped you understand GDPR then I'll setup a special training for you and your employees. We'll go through it in a fun way.
  • How to encrypt sensitive data?
  • How do you Safely store your Passwords?
  • What are confidential and internal files?
  • How to spot Social Engineers and avoid data breaches?
  • Are Antiviruses always safe? Backups or Reinstall in case of malware?
  • Showcasing Linux, Virtual Machines Rollback

7 week Cyber Security Service

Service Discontinued. Cyber Security as a whole needs to be taken into consideration from the beginning untill the end of any development process.

Let's get started