Linux Commandline Shortcuts

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So while reading the LPIC 1 certification book I compiled a list of the most used commandline shortcuts at that moment.

There  are of course many more interesting commands, this is just a short list.

Ctrl+P = up
Ctrl+N = down
Ctrl+R = backwards search
Ctrl+G = don't search
Ctrl+A = beginning of line
Ctrl+E = end of line
Ctrl+Left/Right = word at a time
Ctrl+D = Del button
Ctrl+K = deletes all text from cursor to end of line
Ctrl+X + Backspace = deletes all text from current cursor to beginning of line
Ctrl+T= transpose character
Esc + t = transpose words
Esc+U = from cursor to end of word => UPPERCASE
Esc+l= from cursor to end of word=>lowercase
Esc+C = convert letter under cursor to uppercase
Ctrl+X & CTRL+E = start editor defined by $EDITOR


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