Marketing Experience

Increase traffic, retention and repeat business.

Create a personalized marketing experience for your customers.

Customers care and trust, do you?

Show Them Care & Love

  • By following my 12 week Marketing Experience program you will be providing your customers with all the love, attention and care they need.
  • Custom Marketing Automation Software Creation
  • Software Installation & Setup (VPS & Cloud)
  • Training and Marketing Consulting

Customers buy from those they trust and like

A personalized Marketing Experience builds this trust.

Your Presence, Providing Value

Your online presence should be providing value to your customers. High quality content on your blog attracts customers.

Your marketing, taken care of

  • Researching your marketing needs.
  • Understanding your business model.
  • Creating persona's of desired customer base so I can further enhance your marketing automation.
  • Who is your desired customer base?
  • Who is your actual customer base?

Data Science

Gathering statistics about your company. Your products. What do your customers want? What are you trying to do?
  • Google Analytics
  • Dashboard statistics & Analytics
  • Customer Database Creation & Management
  • A/B Testing & Marketing Experimenting

12 week Marketing Experience 1:1 program

Everything we do together during these 12 weeks is meant to help YOU increase YOUR customer retention, purchases, referrals, conversion rate.

One Stop Shop

All your marketing needs in one place

Customer Database

A customer who bought from you is 3x more likely to buy again.

Powerful software to keep track of your customers. Increasing repeat business, customer satisfaction and repeat loyalty.

GDPR compliant database. Ensuring that all security measures have been taken.

Copywriting & SEO

Copywriting highly optimized (SEO) blog content that will drive new customers to you. This content is specifically tailored to your customers needs and wants. Explaining what you can do for them in a very eloquent manner.

10 top quality blog posts of 800 words OR 3 high quality articles of 2600-3000 words each

This content will then be reused for the newsletter or when posting certain quotes on social media.

Powerful Newsletter

E-Mail interaction through your own newsletter software.

Simple way to gather e-mail addresses of customers. I'll teach you HOW to send awesome newsletters. Gathering statistics and increasing your conversion rate.

Social Media Interaction

Leave your social media interaction to a professional.

Great posts. 15 minutes per day. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Conversational User Interface Experience

Customer Loyalty Programs

Giving you ideas of Guerilla Marketing tactics & strategies. Simple to use them yourself afterwards.

Personalized Voucher Creation. Fully equipped with statistics and more.

Big Data, No Data, Confused Data?

Huge companies drown in data and information. Small companies don't have any data or information. Gathering the right kind of data and making sense out of it is extremely valuable to you and your business. My advanced skills in Marketing, Software Development, Statistics and Data Science is what you need. And you don't have to pay the average annual salary of a Data Scientist ($100.000) for those skills.

I'm giving you the essentials in a sea of data.
Clarity and Quality.

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