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Have you lost your Fossil SCM password and have difficulties getting back into a remote repository even though you have access to the fossil repo?

Don’t worry, there is a simple way how to change your fossil source control management password.

All you need is to have fossil installed. Fossil has a builtin SQLITe console, if you don’t have fossil installed you can use SQLite instead because fossil files ARE simply sqlite files!

First up open up a terminal and type the following:
fossil sql -R repo-name.fossil
.schema user
CREATE TABLE repository.user(
  login TEXT UNIQUE,
  pw TEXT,
  cap TEXT,
  cookie TEXT,
  ipaddr TEXT,
  cexpire DATETIME,
  info TEXT,
  mtime DATE,
  photo BLOB

We can review the details we can select for the user from the schema.

Let’s ask for the login, password and names .Review all existing users

sqlite> select uid,login,pw,info from user;
Change the password for your user and rehash
UPDATE user SET pw='clear-text-password' WHERE login='lostone';
fossil test-hash-passwords repo-name.fossil

Update the password, exit and issue the fossil test-hash-password on the repo. What this does is rehashes the passwords if they’re plaintext! This way your password is hashed and you can continue your work.

I rarely have to reset a fossil password. But when I do need to do it for one of my 30 fossil projects, I always forget the test-hash-passwords command.

I’ve related in the past why I use Fossil as my source control management system

Hope this helps, if you have any questions send me an e-mail.

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