VLC freezes PC when resuming from suspend to ram (Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint) - SOLUTION

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I've been observing this weird thing that when I leave VLC open and I suspend my Linux machine.

Whenever I try to resume the system from suspend I can't login and there's a black screen. If I try to CTRL+ALT+F1-F8 I can sometimes  login but it's a black screen again and nothing happens.
This freezes the whole system and only the CTRL+ALT+PAUSE+O (K or L) works by shutting down the system in a graceful manner.

Solution Kill VLC

Ctrl+Alt+F4 to get to a console TTY and login with your user.

ps -aux | grep vlc

sudo pkill -9 vlc

After killing VLC you can go back to CTRL+ALT+F1 or CTRL+ALT+F2 and login, everything will work fine.

Solution 2 system2 system-sleep script

We can do something else to automate this process since I might not want to go in the console each time. If I go to sleep with VLC open, then let the system close VLC and then restart it later

vim /lib/systemd/system-sleep/vlc-pm



case "$1" in
	pre)	pkill -9 vlc
		exit 0
		exit 0
 	*)	exit 1

NOTE, this seems NOT to work all of the time, so the first solution is better.

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