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Being a  true PROgrammer - Understand your environment

Being a true PROgrammer - Understand your environment

Memory allocation, release to OS - Fragmentation - Python - Elixir - Tcl

This article represents the idea and the difference between developers, scriptwriters and true programmers (actually they should be called software architects next to software engineers).

True PROgrammers understand their environment and how everything works from low level to high level.
This way they know when it's futile to try something and when you should have a workaround. They are the ones that listen to your problem and already have a solution in mind even if they haven't written a single line of code yet. 

Avoid the Fake Fast Road to Success and Knowledge CyberSecurity edition

Avoid the Fake Fast Road to Success and Knowledge CyberSecurity edition

I was writing my script and guide for the From Noob to CyberSecurity Pro blog article (and possible video) which I started writing in June.

I wanted to prove a point about how the news makes programming and hacking seem so easy by stating that there are 13 year old hackers/prodigies/programmers.
Then i decided to search on google for similar fake stories since you can't possibily be an expert at such an young age. Leave Mozart be, he had training from the age of 3 and of course at the age of 13 he was proficient. Expertise comes with years of training. No wonder in that!

I ended up finding thousands of references to this young elite penetration testing mega hacker called Tahir

Programming language hypes Frameworks, libraries and mega abstractions - Is there any room for simplicity?

Programming language hypes Frameworks, libraries and mega abstractions - Is there any room for simplicity?

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo Da Vinci
"Dealing with complexity is an inefficient and unnecessary waste of time, attention and mental energy. " Edward de Bono

Programming languages are something for Elite people. Frameworks generate hypes.
Libraries could be used but we shall use mega abstractions.
Is there any room for simplicity?

See The World is drowning in redundant code The global wheel reinvention convention

I have some questions:

Once upon a time long ago, before hypesters began taking mainstream pills.
IN a land long forgotten happy programmers developed complex software with simple tools.
They practiced their crafts from the basics.
Then one day a very enlightened group of people started inventing frameworks.
They thought that a framework that did everything could help you in faster development.
Soon after hipsters invaded and you had a framework that made other frameworks.
Or in Java terminology, you first need to build a factory that builds your classes before you can add 2+3.

What happened to proper programming?
What's wrong with using battle proof design patterns?
Why the heck are there so many programming languages, frameworks, libraries that do the same thing?
Why are people becoming web developers and not software engineers?

NOTE: This article mainly analyzes JavaScript frameworks. However it also criticizes backend frameworks for most other programming languages.

Data Science and Machine Learning new package for old ideas

Data Science and Machine Learning new package for old ideas

Data Science and Machine Learning are to extremely hot topics at the moment.
All of the bigger companies want to have Data Scienceitsts and Machine Learning engineers or experts work for them. Many courses offer information for these two.

While they may seem like two distinct world, Data Science and Machine Learning ARE actually extremely closely related to eachother.
If you've recently looked at the average salaries for Data Science Experts and Machine Learning Engineers you can easily conclude that this is a GREAT and NOBLE job.
Salaries that go beyond $110.000 per year on average. Comparing these to other software engineering salaries we can conclude that these two jobs are even more in demand due to the current hypes.

Conflicting Rare Metals in Technology

Conflicting Rare Metals in Technology

This article started by trying to answer the question "What are the components used in building smartphones and modern technology and how do they impact the world?"
This actually led me to a veriy interesting research opportunity. I was sure there was something interesting going on.
The deeper I researched the more I found out and eventually figured out it's a very complex subject.

The main reason for this research was Project 3 Researching and Presenting. This is a speech project for Toastmasters. The 7 minute speech timeframe made me do everything to the point otherwise I would have had a huge article. Note that the speech was even shorter than this article since I had to make a point instead of just providing information. This is one of the great things about Toastmasters.

I wanted to do a follow up on my blog post about the Mobile and Tablet landscape, a failure polluting the world with shiny new crap.
This time going into how this technology is built. I was sure to find disconcerning information and indeed what I found was rather sad.
I've done my best to minimize this article as much as possible while keeping the jist of it intact. At the end of the article you will find all my references and sources including some books about Rear Earth minerals/Elements.

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