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Haproxy guides - Simplify your development life by using Haproxy
Andrei Clinciu Article AUthor
Andrei Clinciu
  • 2020-11-26T09:41:00Z
  • 2 min to read

Haproxy can be used for a variety of tasks. Either as a load balancer or as a proxy. Configuring it is extremely easy and mastering just the basics will enable you to develop applications both faster and smarter.

I'm working on a mini DevOps course for Developers on how to setup your own VPS to run your software from inception to deployment.

Relying on free software and on a simple VPS. Without paying for expensive cloud services you can easily replicate yourself!! Join my newsletter and get updates.

1. Intro - Why Haproxy?

I’ve used nginx for a long time, experimented with Traefik and other load balancers/proxies for kubernetes. However, haproxy was on my to do list for a long time. I can say that I’m extremely impressed with what you can do with it. The guides here are just barely scratching the surface!

Why invest in learning to use and actually use haproxy? I’ll give you a few reasons:
  • It’s been around for 20 years

  • It’s written in C, it already has a reputation of being fast and efficient

  • It’s used in a variety of places including GoDaddy, GitHub,BitBucket, StackOverflow, Slack, Reddit, Twitter and many others

  • It has a plethora of features

  • You can proxy anything TCP with it, be it IMAP, POP, SMTP,HTTP

  • Just go through the docs and you’ll see why:)

2. Haproxy guides to help you simplify your development life

Here's what the course will have,

  • ❏ Installing and using Haproxy (on a Raspberry PI with Debian 10)

  • ❏ The preeminent guide to automating Letsencrypt certificates with Haproxy

  • ❏ Reverse proxy your local HTTP server to a SSL enabled subdomain - ngrok serveo alternative

  • ❏ Serving Fossil/ Git with Haproxy

Plus many more. Join my newsletter to get updates.


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Andrei Clinciu
Andrei Clinciu

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