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Life Efficiency - Genesis
Andrei Clinciu Article AUthor
Andrei Clinciu
  • 2019-10-30T21:05:00Z
  • 4 min to read

The inception of any new project brings with it joy and excitement.

This is the official public announcement of a project I've started to do research and work on quite a while ago. Curious what it's about? Read on!

NOTE: This project has halted for an indefinite amount of time, maybe I'll start working on it again somewhere in 2024.

My intention is to create a video course, book, workshop and community around "Life Efficiency The Art of Becoming Irreplaceable in an Artificial Intelligence-Driven World". It will change the shape of your future, forever.

It's connected with Software Development by the fact that I dedicate a full chapter on it.

How it all started

The idea is simple, I first began a similar project in 2012 when I identified the skills which would definitely make a difference in people's lives.

I'm talking about real-life skills which are usually not taught in connection to each other. Approaches which are left out of formal schooling.
Ideas and viewpoints you need to learn yourself.

Back in 2012, I had more than 100 pages written on similar topics and skills. I wanted to call it "12-week experiment".
It was about a 12-week experiment in which you would go through 12 weeks and experiment gaining a new habit each week.
I was somewhat naive thinking that it was so easy to get a new habit. Since any new habit takes around 66 days to form before it becomes automatic.

It didn't use the absolute terms life efficiency however I was talking about some of the same things. I felt there was more to know so I set out on a quest to find out more so I put the initial project on hold.
At least for a few years. In the meanwhile life got busy and I devoted more and more time to acquiring knowledge, experimenting and of course the lovely world of software development.
The project was archived like many of my experiments.

Life went on. So did my observations. However, I always saw one recurring theme coming back as I interacted with people.

  • Why are people so easily fooled and scammed?
  • Why do people spread bad ideas around without understanding them?
  • Why can't people think for themselves?


It all began as a deceit detection mechanism

In 2018 I decided to begin working on another project. It was supposed to be a book about proper thinking and detecting deceit. You know, the kind of deceit which makes you lose money and faith in humanity.
One thing is certain. As the world progresses so do cons.
However, there is a paradox. The more scientifically advanced our world becomes, the more access we have to knowledge the easier it is for people to actually be scammed!

As technology progresses the masses (of which you and I are a part of) don't have the time to grasp all the intricacies all the developments that occur.
This makes it pretty easy for con artists to hustle anyone out of their money. The Brain just overloads when it hears about profits, money etc.

Again I had almost 150 pages of a basic manuscript written. Called "The Credible Eccentric. Most of the pages had been written in long bursts of inspiration. When What do I mean by long bursts of inspiration?
Imagine someone sitting down for 6 hours writing furiously. Not the kind of image you get from Hollywood when thinking about writers.
It's because pure writing always comes in inspiration bursts. Editing and perfection is the one that takes a long time.

I was 100% sure that this project would see the light of day by mid-2019. However, there was something that annoyed me.
One thing kept coming back like a boomerang. I was analyzing various scams, cons, and tricks. I was explaining how to avoid them. I even drove into conspiracy theories and illusions.
The more I was researching the more I couldn't understand one basic thing:
Why do people fail to develop their thinking skills? I mean we're thinking all day.. Or are we just going on autopilot?

The more I researched the more I realized that there are some skills that have to be developed before one can understand and avoid trickery.

This is how Life Efficiency The Art of Becoming Irreplaceable in an Artificial Intelligence-Driven World was born

These skills are not only useful in developing thinking. They're also those skills that make people irreplaceable.
Hitting two birds with one stone. This is my kind of project! As I realized this I put the credible eccentric book on hold yet again for another round of research.

7 years later I realized that my initial 2012 project had some extremely interesting parts to it. However, it required much more love and editing. At that time I hadn't researched much about writing, editing and copywriting.
I've condensed most of the information in 7 skillsets that anyone can acquire.

I've created a special survey that you can participate in. It takes less than 10 minutes and it will help me customize the course even more. You take the survey here.

More information available on the official page. You can also register for the newsletter to get more information.

Life Efficiency

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Andrei Clinciu
Andrei Clinciu

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