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Mastermind Group Elixir Of Truth
Andrei Clinciu Article AUthor
Andrei Clinciu
  • 2018-05-21T19:57:00Z
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I'm building a Mastermind Group called Elixir of Truth.

The focus of this mastermind group will be on 7 pillars:

Integrity, Information Technology & Communication, Statistics, Marketing, Leadership & management, Creativity and Cooperation

I believe that one person can do wonderful things but that it takes a group of likeminded people to achieve greatness.

Who can JOIN?

ANYONE who wants to become a master of their field. If you're a doctor, Programmer, Blogger, Sports Trainer.. It doesn't matter Everyone is welcome. We especially welcome entrepreneurs. I believe that micro businesses are the future of innovation.

There are a few requirements which can also be met while being an active member:

  • English Knowledge + at least another foreign language knowledge (beside your mother language)

  • Statistics Knowledge

  • Toastmaster Membership to learn Public Speaking and Leadership skills

  • CoRT - Cognitive Research Trust (at least part 1) – Creativity and Idea handling

  • 3-5 hours a week (2% to 3% of your time)

There is a strict interview commitment is REQUIRED at all times.

Anyone interested just send me an e-mail. I have a 17 page e-book which contains all the information required.

If you want to join this Mastermind Group get in touch via the contact page.


What is a Mastermind Group?

I won't repeat what others have already written so I'll refer everyone to a few posts to read and have an idea what a mastermind is.




The benefits of MY Mastermind Group

  • You will create deep and lasting connections with some incredible people.
  • FULL confidentiality. Everything stays in the mastermind.
  • You will challenge yourself to grow and help others along the way.

  • Accountability in action. Each member will have an action plan and objectives to meet before the next meeting. You need discipline to succeed. We hold ourselves accountable for each action taken or not taken.

  • Brainstorming sessions focus on helping each member find extraordinary solutions

  • Receiving and giving constructive feedback is a precious skill which each member will develop.

  • Support and Encouragement through Unbiased Opinions and constant Encouragement

  • Focus & clarity

  • Better Decision making

  • Increased Confidence and daily doses of Inspiration

  • Creativity through learning and brainstorming

  • Increase Profits - Great ideas

  • Expanding Your Skills – Professionally – Personally

  • Helping Others through Mentoring and Coaching – We all have the opportunity to get help. This means that we are also equally blessed to offer our help in return.

  • New Business Ideas can develop on which we can all work together or help each other.

If you want to join this Mastermind Group get in touch via the contact page.

Ideas and comments

Andrei Clinciu
Andrei Clinciu

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