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Net Neutrality in the USA and Europe - The importance of using a VPN or VPS SSH Proxy
Andrei Clinciu Article AUthor
Andrei Clinciu
  • 2017-12-16T00:09:00Z
  • 2 min to read

On 15 December 2017 net neutrality was repealed in the US. Some say that this may end the open Internet as we know it. Europe won this battle in October 2016.

I will not explain what net neutrality is nor dive into the technical details of what could happen if the internet is not an open platform anymore.

Net Neutrality can be summed up as the protection and freedom of every citizen that uses the Internet to interact with any website, server or content that he wants to without being limited. Without Net Neutrality every IPS can limit your access and make you pay for accessing various websites. This is just crazy.

With the fall of net neutrality there will be a rise of censorship.

There is however one thing what people can do to escape from the censorship.

Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN is a secure and encrypted connection to a server (another computer) which in its turn makes connections to other websites and servers on your behalf. Take a look at the following video explaining the whole process


This way you can bypass censorship.

Benefits of  using a VPN:

  • You no longer have to worry about security problems using an open Wifi Network
  • You can use VPN  on all your devices.
  • You are protected if there is a rogue AP, ARP or DNS poisoning going on if you use the vpn's built in DNS.
  • pRIVACY: Avoid websites creating a profile of a user. You of course need to delete cookies and use NoScript  (FireFox Extension) for full privacy

CyberGhost VPN

I recommend CyberGhost VPN since they're now the one of biggest VPN provider in the world. They do NOT log data and have over 1266 servers around the world.

Their vpn solutions can be used on:

  • Android  Mobile, Tablet, Smartphone
  • Custom App for Windows
  • Linux
  • iOS, macOS
  • You can even install it on your ROUTER (Linux again) and have ALL your traffic through a VPN without bothering your network users.

Use a VPS

Another solution is to buy a VPS and then setup a reverse SSH port.

I currently use Linode for most of my projects so I recommend it. They have 4 locations that are currently Net Neutrality friendly.

How to do it in 1 line:

ssh -f -CND localhost:8088 youruser@yourvpshosting_or_ip.com

Then you need to setup your browser to proxy to 8088.

Simple as that, your own  proxy for net neutrality friendly and of course you are more secure than ever before since YOU decide what happens with your VPS and you're the only one using that IP.

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