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The importance of continual education and information management at every step in life - Mass disinformation in the information era - Why we all need a proper education in statistics, economy and legislation
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Andrei Clinciu
  • 2017-12-07T21:39:00Z
  • 2 min to read

I've been wanting to write something else than about IT so I thought why not write about LIFE in general. This idea occurred to me multiple times even when I started writing and researching information about a book I wanted to write.

I always thought there are many places where you can inform yourself and there are already too many people who write about almost everything.

The main problem I found is that there are relatively FEW people who write about thinking in a way that thinking is an everyday action.

Gathering information, forming an opinion, understanding statistics.. these are all daily activities needed to succeed.. However as the years passed the sad realization is that most people never stop to think about something.

We all have opinions, though how much research do we do before we come to a certain idea?

People rarely change opinions, some never  develop  the mental flexibility necessary to use critical thinking so they remain blocked under superstitions and bad habits throughout life.

Education is something that differentiates the ones who succeed  and are happy from those who are unhappy. Of course a high IQ doesn't determine happiness nor success, but the total of thinking does.

Articles I intend to write about:

Why I stopped wasting time on Facebook and other online social media. My observations throughout time

Statistics - The most important mathematics field and probably the only one which will help you in taking good decisions

Financial and Economic Education - Why economy knowledge is necessary even for the most insignificant person and job

Knowing the law gives power - How YOU too can catch some power if yo KNOW the law

The development of thinking skills - CoRT

How lack of proper continuous education can damage and even kill

Ideas and comments

Andrei Clinciu
Andrei Clinciu

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