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To Sell is Human Book Review
Andrei Clinciu Article AUthor
Andrei Clinciu
  • 2019-02-22T19:31:00Z
  • 3 min to read

My Recommendation: 3/10

The subtitle of this book is "The Surprising Truth About Moving Others". It's the continuation of "Drive - The surprising truth about what motivates us"

Part 1 The Rebirth of a Salesman

How can we change the aspect of the "pushy salesman"?
We are all in sales now. Entrepreneurship is actually a one-man business. Since everyone sales. We sell our ideas. Our opinions.
We even sell ourselves when we go for a job since our CV, interview and intention letter are all forms of selling.
Elasticity means combining multiple skills, similar to mastery.

Beware the seller. Salespeople need to offer experiences not technological details. Information is available and open to everyone. The modern customer is much more informed.
My opinion: Or so it should be, if we take into account the fact that there is a multitude of bad information we 're actually flooded with information. Are modern buyers much more informed or are they just buying out of habit?

Part 2 How to Be

Attunement means providing empathy and perspective when discussing
Buoyancy - Interrogative (self-talk). Positivity ratio should be 3:1.
Clarity - From problem finder to problem solver. Actually solution minded potential and opportunities await.

We need to curate information. Seeking, sensing and organizing all information.

The questions we should produce must improve and prioritize the lives of people. Always asking the 5 why's (a recurring theme in most books)

Part 3 What to do


  1. The one-word pitch.
  2. Question pitch
  3. Rhyming pitch (at the end of a conversation)
  4. Subject line pitch: utility, curiosity and specific (consult copywriting books)
  5. Twitter pitch: 120 chars
  6. Pixar pitch: Once upon a time, every day..., one day...., because.... , because of that ... until finally .. solution

Pecha Kucha a set of 20 slides, 20 seconds each. My Note: So you get a 7-minute speech, roughly the same format as a Toastmasters speech.
Present the pitch at the last one.
Play with numbers, 120 minutes vs 2 hours


The author talks about mimicking other people's moves. This seems similar to NLP mirroring rapport building.

  1. Hear offers -> learn how to listen well. Listening means keeping eye contact. 15 seconds of silence and THEN respond. "NO" is an offer too! Change ways. Listen and respond
  2. Say "yes and" instead of saying NO or BUT (again NLP wisdom..)
  3. Make your partner look good (Getting to yes Book) Developing a culture of generosity.

The following are some games which can be played. Most of them seem to copy paste from the Laugh and learn 95 ways to use humor book by Doni Tamblyn.
Chose a conversational topic. Chose sides and respond with questions 'that's so interesting"
Yes and comparison game
It recommends certain improvisation theater books.


Make it personal & purposeful
Show you care to be available

Purpose of message and thinking of others. Upserve instead of upsell
Make signs emphatically and emotional

Think of how you can improve life and make the world a better place.

What do YOU think about this book?
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