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A new kind of promise
Andrei Clinciu Article AUthor
Andrei Clinciu
  • 2019-11-22T08:39:00Z
  • 3 min to read

At the beginning of this year, I made myself a promise. A promise that I'd write more. Another promise I made myself was that I'd post more often on my blog.

These promises come from various standpoints. Including the fact that keeping promises improves our self-perception.
But there's something more to this. Writing is actually beneficial. Various research indicates that writing helps us improve our life.

I've benefited from the therapeutic aspects of writing for quite some time now. Most of the time I had no clue how deeply rooted writing was with emotional and psychical well-being. I won't go into deep philosophical quests so here are some of the benefits of writing.

Writing Improves Happiness The kind of promise you'd like to have!

  • Writing improves happiness by helping you clear your mind. I've tested this firsthand in at least 3 occasions when after writing a lengthy (20 page+) complaint/letter or note to myself I completely relaxed about any issue I might have had. Even if it included a 3d party completely pissing me off.
  • Writing helps you organize your thoughts. Oh yeah, this one is big. Making decisions faster and more effectively.
  • Writing improves your communication skills. Because preparing a speech requires a huge investment in time. Writing is essential in actually helping you prepare and deliver a speech.

Sure enough, I kept my promise and I've started writing. I've written a lot.
Mainly for a course, I would like to release next year. Yet also various other things which I'm still thinking if are worth including on my blog.

I wanted to keep my blog as a strictly professional place and mainly related to programming and IT world.
I have various opinions on which I write what's on my mind. Yet I remember I don't want to spend any time in useless debates as in apples versus oranges.
At the same time, I imagine that if one person benefits from such an article why not?

Even though I have 2-4 IT related articles are already written in the pipeline I always feel the need to have a little bit more of something extra.
What's it called again. That thing which can never be attained yet it's always in your reach by continuously improving. Oh yes, there it is: perfection

Perfection is a noble cause. As humans strive towards perfection we notice many advancements. Yet true perfection is not a destination. It's a process.
Whenever I forget this I tend to pile up too many articles. When I remember that perfection is a process then I can truly post something publicly.

The problem occurs whenever I get so busy in a project I even forget to review the draft blog posts and post them.
Coupled with the fact that I always find mini errors in older articles even though I might have read and edited them 10 times before.

The solution?

Writing and posting more often. Writing about various topics to see how this integrates. Even smaller blog posts which don't have to be "perfect".

Experimenting to see how this impacts the overall structure.

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Andrei Clinciu
Andrei Clinciu

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