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Why Expert Software Consulting Matters

Tell me which issues you're currently struggling with and I'll research and give you the best technological options available. This can save you hundreds of hours.

Software Automation is easy, sometimes you just need an existing application integrated with your existing system. By consulting me you can get this.

Got stuck in implementing something? My expertise will help you get unstuck as we find the best solution.

Have an existing application or are planning to work on one? I can act as a business analyst and software architect in understanding the necesseties and validate that the team which currently implements your software understands your needs.

Consulting Services

  • Full Stack Software Development (Web, Desktop, Mobile)
  • Front End Web Development and Design ~ HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Backend Development ~ PHP, Elixir, Phoenix, Tcl, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Software Optimization
  • Linux Server Administration and DevOps

Specific Tasks

  • Website changes (design, layout, )
  • New features for existing software
  • Creation of small scripts to help you automate daily tasks
  • Creating and managing software from A to Z
  • Optimizing a slow function(s), website pages, etc
  • Creation of bots which aid you in automation (Artificial Intelligence)

Let's Work Together

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