2018 is already fully booked with many awesome projects I'm working on. I only have a limited amount of time for new projects that conform to my vision. Contact me for more info.

I adore working on intriguing projects, finding a solution and implementing it an art only a few can do. If you consider that your problem posses such an assignment that requires solving with a  delicate strategy then advance and contact me.

Web Development & Design

  • Need a presentation website for your business?
  • Want to open a modern Online Shop?
  • Require professional personalized development of an web application?

Then web development is the solution for you! I provide exclusive solutions.

Customized Programming

I provide customized programming. Cross platform solutions that work across different operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac.

If you have any small repetitive task that you do daily then you require automation.  Let a program do the job a computer is meant to do. Invest your time in creative thinking instead of monotonous jobs.

Cyber Security Consulting – Detect – Improve – Protect

Cyber Security is a broad concept. Every aspect of using a computer and applications needs to be taken care of. Here are a bunch of questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your website/application safe?
  • Do you have back-ups setup?
  • What is your failsafe policy?
  • What happens when someone hacks into your personal/business account?
  • How do you handle digital contracts?
  • Do you protect your customers and employees?
  • Who is responsible to protect your digital assets?
  • How secure is your digital presence?

If you don’t have answers to the above questions then you require cyber security  consulting from an expert.

Contact me and let’s think of the best solutions together implementing them in the best way possible.


I also provide mentoring, more info here.

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