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What makes me special?

I've dedicated all of my time within the past 17 years to mastering a variety of programming languages and tools on my own. In return I can now build software which would require large teams.

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Services I can help you with

Web Application Development
Web Application Development

Get a custom web application, presentation site or e-commerce platform to sell online.

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Digital Bot Development by Andrei Clinciu
Custom Bot Development

Developing advanced custom chat bots which can automate a variety of tasks, send notifications, verify data, etc.

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Special Web Applications services by Andrei Clinciu
Special Web Applications

Specific Software Solutions for Specific Problems.

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Specialized Personal Software Consulting service by Andrei Clinciu
Specialized Personal Software Consulting

Receive the best consulting from a full stack software engineer. Or just have me on call for whenever you need technical knowhow for your business

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Why should you work with me?

I can build software solutions as a one man army. Only for a fraction of the cost of what it would have taken a larger team to do.


Full project architectural analysis

Studying your problem and thinking of all the technical challenges up front. Working on a full architectural plan.


Full Ownership From idea To Finished Product

I build your product and I manage the infrastructure it needs to work properly.


Automation and Continuous Improvement

You gain insights and access to a plethora of automation techniques and all of my continuous technical improvement

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Building Great Software
The digital Revolution begins when you learn to automate with personalized software.

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